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AOS Wireless Solutions services offer a complete wireless portfolio with industry proven solutions. Our strategy is to provide integrated solutions that not only provide the required security, but are also manageable and have a qualified Return on Investment (ROI).

WLAN Controllers

Wireless LAN controllers can be sized accordingly for small, medium, enterprise and service provider wireless LAN deployments. They help reduce overall operational expenses by simplifying network deployment, operations, management and provide flexibility to grow wireless networks. They work in conjunction with Cisco lightweight access points and Cisco Prime Infrastructure software to support business-critical, wireless applications.

From voice and data services to location tracking, WLAN controllers provide the control, scalability, and reliability that IT managers need to build secure, enterprise-scale, wireless networks—from branch offices to outdoor campuses.

Benefits of a Wireless Network

  • Flexibility to configure wireless policy, management or security settings at any time through centralized provisioning and management
  • Faster response to business needs by centrally managing wireless networks
  • Standardized access point configuration for software versioning
  • Wireless intrusion prevention system (wIPS) capabilities
  • Network-wide quality of service (QoS) for voice and video across wired and wireless networks
  • Network-wide centralized security policies across wired and wireless networks
  • Mission-critical 802.11n performance and mobility services
  • VideoStream technology for optimized video performance
  • Support for CleanAir technology for RF management
  • Real-Time-Location-System (RLTS) integration - Active RFID tracking technology for asset management and lifecycle.
  • Help secure data with unified policy and intelligent controls in a BYOD scenerio
  • Minimize business impacting events
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced total cost of ownership due to being proactive vs. reactive and reduced downtime
  • Systems trend analysis and capacity planning

RF Capabilities

  • Dynamic channel assignment: 802.11 channels are adjusted to optimize network coverage and performance based on changing RF conditions.
  • Interference detection and avoidance: The system detects interference and recalibrates the network to avoid performance problems.
  • Load balancing: The system provides automatic load balancing of users across multiple access points for optimum network performance, even under heavy load.
  • Coverage hole detection and correction: Radio Resource Management (RMM) software detects coverage holes and attempts to correct them by adjusting the power output of access points.
  • Dynamic power control: The system adjusts the power output of individual access points to accommodate changing network conditions. This helps to ensure wireless performance and availability.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Maintain your competitive advantage through the freedom and flexibility of a Cisco Unified Wireless Network. This secure, scalable, cost-effective WLAN solution offers:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to information, which promotes collaboration with colleagues, business partners, and customers
  • Real-time access to instant-messaging, e-mail, and network resources, which boosts productivity and speeds business decision making
  • Mobility services, such as voice, guest access, advanced security, and location, that help you transform business operations
  • Modular architecture that supports 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g, and enterprise wireless mesh for indoor and outdoor locations, while ensuring a smooth migration path to future technologies and services

The Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides the highest performance and most scalable platform for business communications today and in the future.

This powerful solution delivers business-class connectivity that enables innovative applications to streamline business operations and improve productivity.

BYOD Smart Solutions

The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution provides a compreshensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control the access of a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) network.  Cisco BYOD enhances user experience and productivity.

Cisco Unified Wireless Network along with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) provides context-aware, identity-based policies that are reliably enforced in diverse and dynamic environments.  Integration with the leaders in Mobile Device Management software suites along with user driven on-boarding help increase IT staff productivity and security confidence.

The Cisco BYOD solution set provides:

  • Security:  Improve visibility and control over all user activity and devices on your physical network and virtual infrastructure
  • Compliance: Create consistent policy across the infrastructure for corporate governance.
  • Efficiency: Increase IT staff productivity by automating labor-intensive tasks and simplifying service delivery.