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AOS GIS Services

GIS provides methods to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in a manner that is shareable & quickly understood.

GIS services

As a society, we use geographic information every day. Our GPS units access location data every time we search an address. We use maps, both printed and electronic, to examine and investigate the world around us. Providing maps and directions is only one part of what makes geographic information useful. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be used to reveal relationships, patterns and trends.

Any organization that maintains or manages location-based data can reduce costs and increase productivity by utilizing GIS technologies. AOS GIS has solutions for a wide variety of organizations, including public safety and law enforcement, K-12 schools, higher education, healthcare entities, state and local government, retail businesses and any organizations that use location-based information. AOS also has the ability to update or re-configure your current Esri software application.

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A state-of-the-art web map application built in HTML5 / JavaScript that fuses together GIS data, business data, and tools allowing companies and organizations to visualize and analyze their specific data requirements.

  • Business MapAnalytix
  • Education MapAnalytix
  • Energy Resources MapAnalytix
  • Facilities MapAnalytix
  • Finance MapAnalytix
  • Government MapAnalytix
  • Healthcare MapAnalytix
  • Real Estate MapAnalytix
  • Safety MapAnalytix
  • Asset Management MapAnalytix

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GIS Staff Augmentation

AOS GIS delivers cost-effective GIS solutions for your long-term staffing needs. AOS GIS can enhance and supplement your current GIS staff, regardless of size and scope. Services included:

  • GIS Infrastructure and Data Health Checks
  • GIS Strategic Planning / Needs Assessments / Implementation Plan
  • E911 / NG911 data development and conversion
  • Task automation
  • Parcel Fabric conversion and implementation
  • GIS Data Quality Assurance Testing
  • GIS Data Conversion / Collection / Standardization
  • GIS Data Maintenance Contracts
  • Training

GIS Strategic

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GIS Data Maintenance

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GIS Staff Augmentation

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GIS Architecture Installation & Upgrades

The installation and upgrade of GIS architecture, Server & Desktop, is tedious, time consuming, difficult and overwhelming. Let AOS GIS assist you with your next GIS installation or upgrade.

  • ArcGIS for Server
  • ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Enterprise Geodatabases
  • Portal for ArcGIS

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GIS Technical Support

AOS GIS provides services on an as-needed basis via remote support. Problems may sporadically arise in your environment and AOS GIS has the skills to solve those issues as they happen.

  • On call support
  • Remote connect to the computer to investigate and troubleshoot GIS issues

GIS in the Cloud

GIS is accessible everywhere you go, if hosted with the AOScloud environment. AOScloud is a world-class data center with cloud services designed for each customer. We personally ensure the highest level of service experience to our clients, and a hosted GIS environment is no different. Utilizing a combination of AOScloud & AOS GIS personnel, we provide you with a variety of GIS services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Your software, our environment
  • GIS Data Backup

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GIS Consulting

AOS GIS can assist in the implementation of specialized products such as:

Leverage the AOS GIS Partner Network

AOS GIS Partner Network