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FIVE - Foundational Infrastructure Visibility Engine

AOSfive provides the monitoring & management tools to ensure that customer networks are operating as they were designed.

Real-time analytics  •  Historical metrics  •  Reports  •  Baseline & trend analysis tools


The innovative AOSfive monitoring service brings together a best-in-class collection of tools, to offer problem isolation and issue resolution of your infrastructure devices. These tools provide invaluable availability, capacity planning and performance metrics & reporting for IT management. Customers are granted direct access to the AOSfive portal, as well as customized, real-time and historical ad-hoc reports.

Configurations of applicable infrastructure devices are archived on a regular basis, providing for rapid replacement in the event of hardware failure. AOSfive customers receive automated alerts when preset thresholds are exceeded, and Tier 1 analysis for recurring issues of problematic devices. In addition to real-time analytics, historical metrics, reports, baseline and trend analysis tools are extended to both customer staff and employees of the AOS Network Operations Center (NOC) for 24/7 support. Call 1-800-473-1110.

Service Comparison

AOSfive Plus Add-on Options AOSfive AOSfive IPT AOSfive After five AOSfive NetMan
Projective Monitoring x x x x
Real-Time Analytics x x x x
Alert Notifications x x x x
Multi-Vendor Compatibility x x x x
Configuration Management x x x x
24x7 Coverage x x x x
Portal Access Reporting x x x x
Lifecycle Management x x x x
Risk Management x x x x
Proactive Fault Intervention x x   x
Tools & Systems Monitor WAN Bandwidth   x    
Quality via synthetic VoIP calls between supported Cisco devices   x    
Mean Opinion Score (MOS) recorded from live calls   x    
Defined issue resolution     x  
Network Management with Certified Systems Engineer       x

Strategic Technology Planning

AOS would like to take the opportunity to truly understand your environment, and consult with relevant data specific to your business needs. We have the opportunity to help you support your environment and work toward maximizing your IT investments. AOS continues to enhance our cloud-based offerings to help customers stay ahead with business intelligence. Rather than one base offer, AOS is able to help with the management of your entire network.

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