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AOS Cloud

For colocation, cloud computing, disaster recovery, remote management and more, AOScloud makes delivering business critical IT solutions less painful— and more affordable.

Companies are looking for ways to use innovative cloud services to reduce IT costs, yet need to integrate them with their current infrastructure. AOScloud delivers a full suite of cloud services designed to work with previously deployed applications and solutions, providing a smooth path to the efficient, lower cost cloud solutions businesses need to stay competitive.

AOScloud’s certified engineering staff works with each customer to provide cost-effective cloud services that are scaled to meet an organization’s unique performance, compliance and budgetary needs. AOScloud solutions integrate with previously deployed IT infrastructure and software to deliver the benefits of cloud services— scalability, budget control and cost savings— combined with features important to IT managers: high availability architectures, improved governance & compliance, 24x7 operations and robust security features.

AOScloud services are...

- Accessed from multiple cloud-enabled, carrier-agnostic data centers
- Deployed on enterprise-grade infrastructure
- Delivered with high availability & security
- Built to work with your IT infrastructure TODAY

Data Center Services

  • Colocation:
    100% power availability in multiple facilities, designed to survive natural disasters
  • Interconnection Services:
    30+ carriers prevent bandwidth lock-in
  • Internet Bandwidth:
    Multi-carrier blend + diverse routing infrastructure provides high availability
  • Routing & Firewall Services:
    Allows customer to terminate VPN, private fiber, MPLS networks, and more

Recovery services

  • Backup Services:
    Fully-managed backup service; combination of on-prem and cloud-based storage
  • Virtual Recovery:
    Offsite recovery of VMs in the event of an outage or disaster
  • Site Recovery:
    Custom set of infrastructure and services to meet demanding RPO and RTO

Cloud Services

  • Virtual Private Cloud & Private Cloud:
    Choose the right IaaS platform for your business
  • Cloud & Object Storage:
    Remote access to enterprise-grade storage
  • Hosted Exchange:
    High availability architecture delivers reliable email access for dedicated or shared tenants
  • Hosted 9-1-1 Services:
    Managed cloud service for scale + expert support for GIS
  • Hosted Desktop/Applications:
    Ensure consistent user experience across multiple endpoints
  • File Sync & Share:
    Secure, private file sharing supported on multiple platforms

Managed Services

  • AOSone:
    Support lifecycle management tools and services for Cisco products
  • AOSfive:
    Monitoring, notification and remote resolution of issues for monitored devices
  • AOSfive NetMan, IPT, After-5:
    Add-ons for remote administration of network devices and after-hours notifications for on-premise gear
  • SecureCare NetMan:
    Remote management of security appliances; firewalls, IDS, DDoS mitigation
  • SecureCare Log Aggregation: Secure, offsite storage of log data;
    retain information for compliance or security audits

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